Uftring Subaru Loves Pets


October is Subaru Loves Pets month! Through this amazing cause, Uftring Subaru is teaming up with Paws Giving Independence to provide pets with different supplies and food for new pet adopting families. Paws Giving Independence is a non-for-profit organization that raises and supports service dogs. Our main goal is to provide these families with enough to support these pets so that they remain happy and healthy. By providing a home for these pets, these families should receive some help in return. 


How You Can Get Involved

By helping these families get started with their new pets, you're helping put a dog or cat into its new home. Just by donating a bag of food, a treat, or a chew toy, you're contributing to both the life of the pet and the family. And as a thank you from Uftring Subaru, you can help yourself to a stuffed Crosstrek pet toy and Subaru Loves Pets bandana for your four-legged friend. Subaru is also offering a free song download for your donation. 

 "Here's how you can help:

 1. Donate a pet supply item that will be delivered to our local animal organization

·Food (canned and/or dry)
·Towels and blankets
·Grooming supplies
·Food bowls
·Small dog/cat toys
·Cleaning supplies

2. Take a picture with our Subaru Loves Pets photo frame and share on your social account to help raise awareness around animal welfare. Don't forget to use #SubaruLovesPets!

3. Sign up to volunteer with our local animal organization on the volunteer sign-up sheet." 
Subaru Loves Pets

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