Winter Tips - Some Things to Consider as Temperatures Drop

It Pays to Be Prepared 

It's been a very weird winter in Central Illinois to say the least. One day, it's warm enough to put the top down, and the next, it's too cold to even drive. With this fluctuation in temperatures, you never know what the roads will be like. Although the brave, hard-working men and women are out there diligently conditioning the streets, it can sometimes be too much to handle. That's why it pays to be prepared. Here are a few things you can do the next time you're out and about to get ready for the next storm or temperature flux. 


1. Prepare an Emergency Kit

The most important factor in staying safe is taking care of yourself and your passengers first. You obviously want to make sure you aren't driving around in a death trap, but you should know that in the first place. That being said, the people in the car are the top priority. No matter what season it is, you should always have an emergency kit stowed away somewhere accessible. This kit should contain items such as food and water (make sure the water doesn't freeze), a blanket, a dry set of clothes, gloves and a hat, an ice scraper or shovel, and a charged phone. Although you hope never to become stranded, you also never know what can happen. 

2. Warm Up Your Vehicle Before Hitting the Road

There is nothing like hopping into a nice warm car on your way to work, the gym, school, etc. But more important than your comfort is your safety. What comes with winter mornings? Ice, snow, and frost on your windows. By not being able to see, not only are you putting yourself in danger, but you're increasing hazards onto everyone around you. By warming up your vehicle about 20 minutes early for a full defrost (Heat on HIGH) of the windshield and surrounding viewpoints, your route to where you're going will be all the more visible, and thus more safe for you and everyone else.
Not too eager to step out into the cold to start your car? We don't blame you. Remote starts are a great thing to install for any season! 

3. Have Your Vehicle Serviced Regularly 

In order to truly avoid becoming a hazard on the road, it is very beneficial to have routine service and maintenance performed on your car. If your tires are worn, you'll slide. If your battery is at the end of its life or if your fluids are low, your car will freeze up or die. Wouldn't you rather avoid that than have it happen in the dead of winter? Stop by the Uftring Subaru Service Department today for a full inspection of your vehicle. You won't regret it! 

The infographic below contains a more in-depth list of tips pertaining to what we've touched on today! Remember, it pays to be prepared. 


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