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  • Gary Uftring

    Gary Uftring has been a fixture to central Illinois car buyers for many years, including before his acquisition of his first dealership in Washington. Mr. Uftring began his automotive career on the wash rack at a small dealership in Minonk, Illinois. Armed with the determination to succeed and the desire to become a top salesman, he took advantage of opportunities as a "fill in" sales consultant when the store was short staffed. When he turned 18, the owner of the dealership agreed to let him sell cars full time. Because he was so young, Mr. Uftring focused on exceptional product knowledge and a passion for cars - two traits that serve him well to this day. Over the years, Mr. Uftring has developed and/or acquired multiple dealerships in Central Illinois. However, his focus has always remained on exceptional customer service and a commitment to giving back to the community.

  • Mike Bambrick
    General Manager

    Hello! I am from Washington, Illinois, and live there today. I have been with Uftring since 1997. I have a lovely wife, Alecia, and four beautiful daughters. My interests include cooking and spending time with my kids. What I love most about Uftring is the people I meet every day, my team members, and my customers. I thoroughly enjoy solving peoples' problems and putting them in their dream car. I, myself am a big fan of the F-150s, but I would love to find the perfect fit for you. Come in and see me and my team today!

  • Herb Uftring
    Sales Manager

    I live in Washington, IL and have been with the Uftring Auto Group for 27 years. When I am not working, I enjoy camping with my wife and three daughters. There are many things that I enjoy about my job, but working with people who value service is what I like best. Each of my customers can expect an honest and fair car buying experience.

  • Kenyon Wurster
    Sales Manager

    I have been with Uftring since 1995, and am originally from East Peoria. I now live in Washington. I have a lovely wife and four kids. My interests include Mustangs. I am a Mustang expert here at Uftring Ford. What I love most about working for Uftring is their family values. They've provided for my family since I started here, and I am truly blessed to be involved with such a great company. When it comes to selling, I love dealing with people, seeing a new face every day, making friends, and building relationships. Come see me today, and you'll make a new friend! 

  • Randy Staser
    Sales Manager

    I am originally from Kickapoo, but now live in Lacon. I lived on the East Coast for 25 years and have two kids out there. My interests include hunting, fishing, and the outdoors in general. What I love most about Uftring is their family values. The company philosophy of "Make a friend. Sell a car." is truly exhibited on a daily basis. The comradery here is amazing. I love being a sales manager because of the team aspect. I love training my guys to sell because it reminds me of why I got into the business. Meeting new people every day is what keeps me coming back. Come in and see me today!

  • John Starnes
    Sales Manager

  • Chris Craine
    Finance Manager

  • Greg Stewart
    Finance Manager

  • Jeff Peters
    Commercial & Fleet Manager
    Mobile: 309-369-9678

  • PJ Adair
    Sales Consultant

    Hello! I've lived in Peoria my entire life and am happy to call it home. I have a lovely wife, Stacie, and two beautiful daughters, Kelsey and Sarah. I also have twin grandchildren on the way! My interests include Cardinal Baseball, Steeler Football, car shows, and seeing local bands. What I love most about Uftring is the credibility of the name. The values they represent is why I consider myself lucky to work for them. We represent honesty and integrity here, and truly care about meeting your needs. I also love my coworkers and the fun atmosphere. What I love most about selling is interacting with new people, building relationships, and seeing generations of families come through the store. I am a personal fan of Mustangs, but I'd love to put you in your dream car. Come in and see me today!

  • John Applen
    Sales Consultant

    I am originally from Dunlap, Illinois, but now live in Groveland. I have a lovely wife, and two kids, a son and a daughter. My interests include golf, yard work, spending time with my family, and attending my son's special Olympics events. What I love most about working for Uftring is the way we are all treated, and the way we pay it forward. The Uftring family's values are unmatched which keeps me coming back. When it comes to selling, I love the relationships I am lucky to be a part of, the customers that turn into friends, and the opportunity to help new and existing customers. I, myself am a Mustang guy, but I would love to find the right fit of vehicle for you!

  • Chad Allen
    Sales Consultant

    I've been an Uftring employee since 1996, and have lived in East Peoria my whole life. I have a lovely wife and two kids. I love to spend time outdoors, grill, and hike. I also enjoy spending time with my family and watching sports. What I love about Uftring is how we all treat our customers. I also enjoy selling my Ford trucks. When selling, there's nothing I love more than getting to know my customers. When I hear their stories, it helps me put them in the right car. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and helping answer their questions. Come in and see me today!

  • Tim Berlett
    Commercial & Fleet Sales
    Mobile: 309-369-9554

    Hello! I was born and raised in Washington, Illinois, and still live there today. I have a lovely wife and two kids. My interests include hunting, fishing, and the Chicago Cubs. What I love most about Uftring is the trustworthy family and what they represent. The family style of business they represent is passed on to everyone here. We treat our customers the way Uftring treats us. What I love most about selling is the opportunity to meet new people every day. I thoroughly enjoy solving people's problems, and finding the right fit of car for them.  

  • Howard Marfell
    Subaru Sales Consultant

    During my almost 15 years with Uftring, treating customers in a courteous and friendly manner has always been my top priority. The Uftring Auto Group is the most ethical dealer I have ever worked with during my 20 years in the auto industry. Helping a customer find their perfect vehicle is still one of the greatest feelings and is my goal with everyone I talk with at the dealership. Though I am proud to be born and raised in Peoria, I love taking a vacation to Gulf Coast of Florida with my wife and two wonderful children. I am also proud to be a U.S. Marine and a Freemason. 

  • Brad Cecil
    Sales Consultant

    Hello, I'm originally from and currently reside in Chillicothe, Illinois. My interests include motorcycles and photography. What I love most about Uftring is the group as a whole and the family aspect they represent. When it comes to selling, I love meeting new people every day and helping them find their dream car. I also love what comes after the sale. I feel when you sell someone a new vehicle, you develop a special relationship. Come in and see me today! 

  • LeAnn Dust
    Sales Consultant

  • Josh Noll
    Sales Consultant

    Hello Everyone! I was born and raised in Eureka, Illinois, and still live there today. I have a beautiful fiancé, Brittany, who I can't wait to marry. My interests include football (Go Bears!), muscle cars, local bands, and hanging with friends. What I love most about Uftring is the awesome group of guys I am surrounded by every day. I consider us one big family. I truly can't see myself working for anyone else, and have never been involved in a company with such an amazing reputation and set of values. When it comes to selling, I love meeting new people on a daily basis. Finding the right fit for my customer is why I do it. There isn't a better feeling out there. I enjoy driving/selling the Ford F-150s, but would love to put you in your dream car. Come see me today!

  • Travis Doubet
    Sales Consultant

    Hello! I'm originally from Washington but now live in Metamora. I have a lovely wife and two beautiful kids. My interests outside of work include watching/playing sports and doing anything outdoors. I love to watch baseball, football, and basketball. I also play in a softball league in the spring and summer. I've been in automobile sales for a long time, and look forward to working with you! Cars have become such a necessity as years have passed, and I pride myself in being able to help my customers find the one they're looking for. I, myself am a big fan of the Ford F-150, but would live to find you your favorite car! Stop in and see me today. 

  • Daniel Jones
    Sales Consultant

  • Bryce Bourazak
    Sales Consultant

  • Logan Wolfe
    Sales Consultant

  • Brady Andrews
    Sales Consultant

  • Kendall Hearn
    Sales Consultant

  • Coram "Red" Davis
    Sales Consultant

  • Parker Johnson
    Sales Consultant

  • Mike Andersen
    Customer Relations

    I'm originally from Plainfield, Illinois, but now live in Washington. I have a beautiful wife and four kids. My interests include fishing and motorcycles. What I love most about Uftring is my co-workers and the lovely atmosphere. Everyone here is so nice, helpful, and energetic. When it comes to selling, I really enjoy meeting the customer and establishing a relationship. I get a great amount of satisfaction from selling them their dream car. My personal favorite car is the Ford Mustang, but I'd love to put you in yours. Come in and see me today!

  • Nick Grimm
    Business Development Representative

  • Josh May
    Business Development Representative

  • Samantha Johnson
    Business Development Representative

  • Eric Bosch
    Service Advisor

  • Kevin Sullivan
    Service Manager

  • Greg Julien
    Assistant Service Manager

  • Renee Sommer
    Warranty Administrator

  • Kristen Barnes
    Service Advisor

  • Ric Beatenhead
    Parts Manager
    (309) 694-0700

  • Mark McGuire
    Parts Counter

  • Jeremy Duckworth
    Subaru Service Advisor

  • David Jennings
    Parts Counter

  • Alec Harmon
    Parts Counterperson

  • Brock McFarlin
    Body Shop Manager

  • Katie Cochran
    Body Shop Assistant Manager